Friday, September 05, 2008


September 5, 2008

Keno Davis got on the board for the first time in the recruiting battles of the Big East when the new Friar coach dipped into the city of Baltimore and plucked point guard Antoine Allen from the deep talent pool of the area.

With five seniors on the 2008-2009 PC roster, there is no doubt that Davis' first recruiting class with the Friars will be an important one. With the commitment from Allen, the Scoring Guards Becomes Davis' First Building Block (Providence Journal) with the Friars.

If your Betting on March Madness success, guard play in the NCAA is a must. After talking with Cecil Kirk AAU head man Anthony Lewis, it definitely sounds like the Friars found themselves a gem in Allen.

Anthony Lewis has seen his share of successful Big East players come through his Baltimore recreation program and play for the Cecil Kirk AAU program. Names like Josh Boone, Rudy Gay, Kevin Braswell, Sam Young, David Wingate and DaJuan Summers are just a few that have played under the Cecil Kirk banner. Recent Villanova commit Mouphtau Yarou also ran with the program late this summer. So, when Lewis tells us Allen can ball, we will listen.

"Quality kid, better kid as well as a quality player," Lewis told the NBE Basketball Report in a recent phone interview.

With guards Weyinmi Efejuku and Jeff Xavier part of this year's senior class, getting a versatile guard that can score and defend in Davis' uptempo style was important and Lewis believes Allen will provide just that for the Friars.

"He's a lead guard, like Chris Paul is a lead guard," Lewis said. "(Allen) will score points, run the offense (and) shoot beyond the arc. He (also) creates opportunities (by) pressuring the ball on defense."

After playing at Lake Clifton High School, Allen will attend Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts and play for Ryan Hurd. Late this summer the NBE Basketball Report observed Allen in Las Vegas playing well for Cecil Kirk at the Main Event when he was attacking the basket, using his strength and athletic ability and his 6-foot-2 frame to overpower many opposing guards. He has a game suited for the Big East that should fit well into the style Keno Davis will bring to Providence College.


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